Born and raised in Trinidad, Kwesi Guppy always had an ear for music. He originally wanted to be a poet but after spending afternoons watching Rap City, he chose his path as a musician and never looked back.

Cammy-Kun is a hip hop artist who blends a little bit of every other genre, who’s subject matter is relatable to misfits like himself or the people who fits the subject he chooses.

His name is based on a script for a manga he is currently working on. After spending years of developing his craft, he moved to Brooklyn in order to further his career as an artist and released multiple songs & an EP series called Limited Options .

His first Breakthrough was in 2020 when he released his song Bills which went viral on spotify, as it was not only supported by his fans but was also pushed by the editors of Spotify.

Cam is currently working on the Third & Final Installation of Limited Options & other singles. His mission is to create hope through his music while growing as an artist,

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