Mission Statement

To provide customers with a compelling shopping experience, a customer friendly environment, the highest quality items and offer the best possible prices.

Our Experts

Matthias Sagar Bruce Boodoosingh

President and CEO of Bruce Procurement Services Limited
President and CEO of Meteor Financial Management Limited
Co-founder of Nessa Teas

Matthias Sagar Bruce Boodoosingh is a dedicated and hardworking, entrepreneur, inventor, visionary and philanthropist who believes in investing in people and causes that benefits society. Matthias has helped to form some of the companies listed on this website and assisted others to expand, thus creating a network of interconnected companies that will all help and secure a better future for Trinidad and Tobago.

Bruce Procurement Services Limited is a company created by Matthias that was formed with the singular purpose of acquiring items legitimately at the lowest possible cost so clients may benefit from reduced savings. Meteor Financial Management Limited is another company formed by Matthias with the singular purpose of solving the forex issue facing Trinidad and Tobago as well as other nations. Mike’s Nibs Limited was formed to turn Trinidad and Tobago’s agriculture sector into an unstoppable commercial juggernaut that aids farmers and provides food security to Trinidad and Tobago.

Matthias is a licensed pilot, insurance agent and was trained in customer service by JetBlue. He is well traveled and uses his vast network of contacts to create opportunities, whether it be in neighboring countries like Guyana or all the way around the world like China.

Samantha Parmanand

Co-owner of SPCS Tasty Treats
Director of Bruce Procurement Services Limited
Director of Meteor Financial Management Limited

Samantha Parmanand possesses an Honors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of the West Indies as well as a distinction in the Nebosh International General Certificate in Health and Safety. Samantha is proactive, detail-oriented and is an exemplary leader. Samantha is driven by ambition and loves new challenges. She aspires to be the best version of herself and lives by the words “Be good. Do good.”

Samantha also co-owns and manages an Indian sweet delicacy business (SPCS Tasty Treats) for the past three years. The sweet company prides itself in providing customers with the best quality sweets at reasonable prices. The customer is the top priority and all decisions are made with this in mind.

Samantha is an avid cricket and football fan who loves to both watch and participate in sports. She is interested in the cultures and cuisines of the world and would like to travel and explore as many countries as possible.

Matthew Amann

Owner of Amann Suppliments

Matthew Amann is an up-and-coming entrepreneur with an educational background in Psychology and deep-rooted interests in self improvement. He holds interests in a number of active and developing businesses both in Trinidad and internationally.

One such locally-operated business is Amann’s Supplements. Having taken note of a significant void in the local market with regards to non-standard performance enhancers for both brain and body, Matthew aims to introduce and supply numerous high-quality non-prescription supplement products to the population. Every product sold by Amann’s Supplements has been extensively tested, both by international consumers and personally by Matthew himself, to ensure that every product functions as advertised: Exceptionally.

Vanessa Ramdhanie

Owner of Nessa’s Tea Shop

Vanessa Ramdhanie possesses a degree in Level 5 BTEC HND Diploma in Computing and Systems Development from SBCS (School Business Computer Science) as well an ABE Level 4 Diploma in Business Management (Management of Information Systems Pathway). Nessa’s Tea Shop will specialize in premium teas as well as an experience complemented by an assortment of loose teas, premium Chocolate Teas, Black Tea, Herbal Tea Tisane, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Iced Tea, Masala Chai Tea, Green Tea and all suitable products for our customers.

Vanessa knows the best brewing temperature and time for each of the 65 types of teas offered. All of these teas are available hot, iced, or loose for customers to take home and brew at their leisure. Vanessa takes the time to use her best abilities in both business as well as in designing each of the products to capture the audience’s attention towards the Tea products. Every product sold by Vanessa “Nessa’s Tea Shop” has been extensively tested, both by consumers and a few selective friends to get a feedback about the Tea’s aromatic taste.

Vanessa is a gamer girl who loves to stream on twitch.tv/diamondgirl2020. She designed and built her own gaming tower rig that she enjoys gaming on. Her goal is to travel to Japan to enjoy the Japanese culture as well tasting their cuisines. She is a die heart animal lover as well as one of the most positive, vibrant persons that you will ever meet.

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